A Colorful Journey

I designed an exotic but elegant invitation set for a London couple who has traveled all over the world and love Africa, gorillas, and bush babies. The invitations included a timeline of their relationship, a programme, a hotel card,
an RSVP postcard, and stamps.

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I drew icons of their favorite destinations and details from their wedding day, including the chapel, the hotel, and their friends and family.

We made sure to highlight unusual details from their travels, such as their favorite animals. I’ve never been asked to include gorillas and bush babies in a wedding invitation before!

I also included a personal touch for their print materials on the big day. Their Order of Service had drawings of the chapel’s interior and exterior. The menu was illustrated with the food and I made a seat plan with animals representing different family members.

Photo credit: Ross Harvey

Hi! I’m a Mango in the Big Apple, currently a senior designer at Big Human and previously at Plus63. I design apps and websites, and make colorful illustrations.