Design Co.Mission

Design Co.Mission is a passion project of Plus63 Design Co. Our goal was to inspire people to collaborate for a better country. Three local studios were presented with design challenges involving issues that face the Philippines today (in health, culture, and education). Our three studios (or design scouts) shared their ideas during a show-and-tell event that included Manila’s design community, students, and government officials. I assisted with the branding, print design, illustrations, and packaging for this project. I also designed the scout handbook (or design brief) and made a lot of scout-themed icons about the Philippines.

Studio: Plus63
Production House: Acid House
Copywriter: Dang Sering

We made medals and gave them to presenters during the event.

We illustrated different icons based on Filipino and boy scout culture: Jose Rizal, national animals, the local landscape, the barong tagalog.

Hi! I’m a Mango in the Big Apple, currently a senior designer at Big Human and previously at Plus63. I design apps and websites, and make colorful illustrations.