MailChimp Spot Illustrations

I made a few spot illustrations to accompany a letter for MailChimp’s Resources for Partners newsletter. (Read the article here) First I presented sketch concepts directly inspired by phrases from the article. Then, I finished the artwork in Illustrator.

Thanks Matt Gonzales and Melissa Sunsdahl!

“MailChimp is a great tool for testing your strategy because A/B testing is so easy to deploy.”

“It’s also a chance to demonstrate that you’re trustworthy.”

“Finding the right tone, frequency, and design all play critical roles in connecting with your audience.”

“We actually do a lot of coding and design, because it’s one of those things that can be difficult for clients to do on their own.”

Hi! I’m a Mango in the Big Apple, currently a senior designer at Big Human and previously at Plus63. I design apps and websites, and make colorful illustrations.